Tuesday, 2 November 2010

We're Recruiting for new Piecegamers!

The Piecegamers are a group of board and role players (and sometimes card gamers) in Oxford looking for some new members.

Currently there are about 6 of us, but not everyone can attend every week and we recently lost a couple of members.

We are actually a part of the Oxford Gaming Club, which is mainly a wargames club, so if you like wargaming, that is covered too!

We meet on Monday nights from 7-10pm at Botley Baptist Church on Westminster Way. Currently we have  campaigns for D&D and Descent running once a month, with any other games played at other times.

If you'd like more information then you can visit out site ( https://sites.google.com/site/ogcpiecegamers/), contact me or just drop in some time.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Last Chance before List penalties!


This will be the last reminder.

Lists before saturday or start on -1000VP's. 

David McGill
Simon Hutton
Brad Zalad
Adam Smith
Scott Mcneil
Neil Shaw
Rob Uter
Alex Harrison
Dan Fort
James K

Please get your lists emailed to Bert asap!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

OGC 40k Championship 2010 - army list reminders!

Hey Boys and girls! Just a quick reminder that your 40k singles championship lists need to sent to Chris our event coordinator by the 21st of August.

1750 points of dirt please guys. No shooty termies or scout bikers should attend :D

No comp, no bull just 1 force org and your wallet to hold you back

Please send your list to events@oxfordgamingclub.co.uk

See you all soon


Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Piecegamers!

I thought I'd take the opportunity to let you all know what the little subset of members who play boardgames, CCGs and RPGs in the box room are up to.

First of all we came up with our own identity for the purposes of setting up mailing lists and the like. We called ourselves Oxford Gaming Club Piecegamers, because we play games with lots of pieces.

We currently have three regular campaign games being played.
  • Descent: Journeys in the Dark on the first Monday of each month
  • Dungeons and Dragons on the third Monday of each month
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay on the forth Monday of each month
We also arrange for the odd "Day of Gaming" when we get together and play games that take longer than three hours. We are in the (very) early stages of planning a "Big Day of Gaming" which will be like an open day for people to come along and try out different games, and hope fully attract a few new people to the club!

If you want to know more we have our own website (not used much and still in development) and a mailing list:

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Events Officer checking in...

So... a club blog, eh? I should probably say hello.

For those who don't know me, I'm Chris, the Events Organiser for Oxford Gaming Club. Although I play Warhammers Fantasy and 40K, my main gaming love these days lies with Warmachine and Hordes. For those who think that you can tell a lot about someone by the their choice of army, I play Dwarves (WFB), Witch Hunters (40K), Protectorate of Menoth (WM), and Skorne (H). I guess that means that I'm a stubborn, zealous (very zealous) torturer. Hmm. Maybe it's not so easy to characterise people by their armies - I'm quite friendly, really!

Anyway, enough about me. My main contributions to this blog will be to keep everyone up-to-date with our club events, both internal and external. Let's get the ball rolling on that:

Upcoming events

4th September 2010: OGC Warhammer 40,000 Singles - SOLD OUT
Arguably the highlight of the OGC calendar. Will Mike C break with recent tradition and actually win an event? Will Mike W live up to his claim that he will lift the wooden spoon? Watch this space.

9th October 2010: OGC Warmachine/Hordes Singles
Details to follow soon, but expect a fun event geared towards those new to the game!

Late Nov/Early Dec 2010: OGC Warhammer Fantasy Doubles
More details soon, but get learning the 8th Edition rules so that you can get an edge! Anyone could win this tournament! Look out for more news as we have it.

Ongoing events

Warhammer 40,000 Player of the Year
As our intra-club tournament begins to draw to a close, well, someone must be doing well. I've rather lost track after crashing out in the group stages. Would anyone care to enlighten me?
[Update: Mike tells me that he has made it to the final, and will face either Bert or the winner of the last quarter-final match between Leo and Tom - good luck to all concerned!]

Warhammer Fantasy Player of the Year
With one semi-final down, Richard has booked his place in the final after beating Leo. He will be joined by either Ed or Geoff in the very near future...

Saturday, 17 July 2010

OGC 40k Championship 2010

OGC presents the annual 40k Singles Championship!

More info to follow!

Compete for trophies like these!

Welcome to the Oxford Gaming Club blog!

Hello friends.

Thanks for taking a look at our new blog! As you can imagine, I'm hardly internet savvy when it comes to blogs so this is going to be a labour of love until I find my way.

What you can expect...

  • All the info relating to upcoming OGC events such as the 40k singles, 40k Doubles, Fantasy singles And fantasy doubles! Also watch this space for a new smattering of Warmachine events in the near future
  • Gaming articles from our club members, be they modeling articles or tips and tactics they dont mind sharing with the world!
  • Tournament results that involve our members and battle reports from said events 
  • Full bat reps and photo's from the Game of the Week section (this is a good way to get to know some of our members or see your names in on the internet! lucky you!)
  • How the internal championships of the club are working out. We currently have a 40k and fantasy inter-club championship running. Keep up to date to find the undisputed OGC Champions

Of course Rome was not built in a day... nor was Rotherham for that matter. Hopefully we can make this look snazzy and keep everyone up to date with everything they need to know and a little that they could probably do without!

Welcome along one and all. 

Remember to come down to club whenever you can. The first week is free after all!